Hello, I’m Brianna [Bree-Ann-Nah] or you can just call me Bri. How are you? Too often we go through life with an automated response to that question. It’s “Fine” or “Good”. But really I’d like to know how you are. First, and foremost, I am a writer. I enjoy writing more than I enjoy eating and I really LOVE eating. I also enjoy reading. Some very wise writers say that you can’t write without reading, and I find that their theory is true. How can you improve your writing skills if you aren’t reading books? Reading is almost like studying for a writer. Well, that’s the kind of studying I enjoy doing. Sometimes it’s hard to get me to pull away from a book, but I manage. Do you like to read? My favorite genre is fiction/fantasy.


Throughout this blog, you will find posts about things that I love such as writing, books, travel, hair, and music. If you enjoy any of these things this might be the place for you. Another thing I love? Culture. I wish to experience many different cultures before I die. I have a bucket list of things I need to complete in this lifetime. Of course, there is not enough time for all of them. But if I can leave this world with more knowledge about life than I started with I think I’ll be satisfied.

In my spare time, I am contemplating the meaning of the phrase, “live your life to the fullest” while daydreaming about books I one day hope to publish. More often than not I am listening to music that my mother swears is terrible and depressing, but I have to disagree. And if I’m not holding a book, I’m thinking about writing one. I don’t have just one favorite genre of music I like to listen to, because I am an avid lover of all kinds of music such as Hip Hop, Pop, Country, Rock, Latin, and more. On days when it’s rainy and I’m too lazy to go outside, I’m most likely listening to Ari Lennox, Birdy or Daniel Caesar on repeat.

There are many colors in this world that I find beautiful, but my favorite is purple. And a close second is green. I won’t bother trying to tell you what shade of each color I like, because I honestly have no idea what most shades are called. If we like a large range of something it makes it much more beautiful in my opinion. I have to mention this because I feel like I’d be smited if I didn’t, but I am in love with Harry Potter. It is my obsession, and I have no shame. I used to think that I wasn’t much of a girly girl because I don’t wear makeup often and sometimes I can’t even put it on, but I know that’s not true. I realized that trying to define girls by what they wear, and how civil they are is something some misogynistic man or self-loathing woman created so that we could conform to old ideas that should’ve died a long time ago. I’m just a girl who likes makeup and has tons of it she hardly wears. And I love shoes, and I only wear about three pairs out of the load that I own. I’m just a girl who is a hair junkie and loves spending money when she has it. So now tell me, what about you?


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