That Wash Day Routine Though…


I shampoo my hair once a week, for the most part, and I deep condition every time I shampoo it. I find that deep conditioning weekly keeps my hair moisturized, and defined throughout the week. Since I do handle my hair often and straighten it (occasionally) I will use a protein treatment at least once a month. The process of wash day is literally how it sounds. It. takes. all. day. If I am styling my hair that’s not a wash ‘n go, then I’ll shampoo my hair in the sink. I focus the product only on my scalp, and I use my scalp massage comb to stimulate blood flow. After shampooing my scalp I rinse the product out and allow the shampoo to wash down the length of my hair. After I am sure all the shampoo is out of my hair I wrap my hair in a t-shirt. You can also use a microfiber towel if that’s your preference.


On a good week, my hair will get detangled at least twice, because my hair is very curly and therefore it’s prone to fairy knots (not the magical kind) so I won’t need to spend much time combing out knots from my hair. So how do I go about detangling my hair you ask? Well, I separate my hair into four clean sections (meaning I make sure the parts are precise so that I don’t cause more unnecessary breakage). I then take one section of hair and split it into two portions. I pin one portion up and out of the way, and spray the section I’ll be detangling with water. To detangle you can use a detangling conditioner, oil, or any product that has good slip. My favorite detangler is the Aussie Moist Conditioner. I gently finger detangle my hair, and then once I feel comfortable enough I will run a wide tooth comb through the section starting from the bottom up. After that, I apply the Design Essentials Deep Moisture Masque, twist up the entire section as one, and pin it out of the way. I repeat this method on each section of my hair until my hair is fully detangled.

Deep Conditioning

For deep conditioning, I don’t have a deep conditioning cap or hair dryer to add heat to the process. I just put a plastic cap over my head and leave it on for 30 minutes to an hour after applying a generous amount of deep conditioner to each section. Sometimes I lose track of time because I’m most likely watching YouTube videos or watching Netflix while I wait for the time to pass. I rinse out my deep condition in the shower and do my normal shower routine. Once my hair is free of product, I keep my hair in sections for the purpose of being able to easily apply my hair products.


In each section, I spray it with water and then apply a generous amount of ORS Naturals Leave-In Conditioning Crème. I just started using this product, but I love how it makes my hair feel moisturized. It also makes my hair smell really good! This product has lasted in keeping my hair defined in extreme heat, which is great for those of us who worry so much about our styles getting sweated out. I finger rake the product through one section at a time, twist it and pin up the other sections so that it doesn’t dry too fast before I get to apply my oil. After finger raking the sections with the leave in conditioning crème, I take down the pins and apply the Taliah Waajid African Healing Oil all over my hair. I shake my fro, fix it to my liking, and then I’m done. If I feel the need to stretch my hair I will twist it up into two sections and clip it for 10-30 minutes.

Products Used:

Pantene Pro-V Truly Natural Hair Moisturizing Shampoo

Aussie Mega Moist Conditioner

Design Essentials Natural Coconut & Monoi Deep Moisture Masque

Spray bottle with water (from Sally’s Beauty Supply)

ORS Olive Oil for Naturals Butter Whipped Leave-in Conditioning Crème

Taliah Waajid Black Earth Products African Healing Oyl

Turquoise Clips (From T.J. Maxx)


The final result!

So tell me, what does your wash day look like? Let me know in the comments below.

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Over&Out ❤

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