Ten TV Show Deaths I’ll Never Get Over


It’s no secret that in most shows that contain the supernatural, those who die may not actually stay dead. However, that doesn’t mean it didn’t break my heart to watch them die. Loving characters in a tv show is just another thing that makes us human. Our sympathy is our weakness, but it can also be our strength. So from The Vampire Diaries to Grey’s anatomy, we’ve all had our share of feeling grief over a character who was lost (or we thought we lost).

If you haven’t seen The Vampire Diaries, Grey’s Anatomy, Degrassi TNG, The Originals, Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder, The Walking Dead, Teen Wolf, or Game of Thrones then I advise you to not read this. If you don’t plan on catching up, or watching these shows then move forward!

So here are ten tv show deaths I’ll never really get over.


1)The Vampire Diaries: Jeremy Gilbert

I literally cried for this one, my eyes were balling all the way into the next episode! Honestly, I was in denial along with Elena. I mean how could Jer be dead? I guess it wouldn’t be the first time right?

Died: Season 4, Episode Down the Rabbit Hole

2)Grey’s Anatomy: Mark Sloan

I had so much hope that he would make it. And I prepared myself for his death, but the flashbacks of his life is what really got me. And yes I’m aware he’s a fictional character, but come on! Tell me you didn’t love him! Go on!

Died: Season 9, Episode Going, Going, Gone

3)Grey’s Anatomy: Lexie Grey

I never really liked Lexie, because of Mark (I know hahaha). I was still sad when she died. I have a sister, and I can’t imagine losing her so it got me in the heart!

Died: Season 8, Episode Flight

4)Degrassi The Next Generation: J.T. Yorke

This death was dramatic, yes, but J.T. was a funny guy! I’m sad he died, because I expected him to attend prom, and college alongside Liberty as her boyfriend, and one day fiance.

Died: Season 6, Episode Rock This Town

5)The Originals: Hayley Marshall

I had no idea Hayley would come back to life as a hybrid! And while her death was tragic it was more of a shocker that she woke up again. The way she died is why I’ll never get over this one. Barely a glance at that beautiful little baby and BOOM! Dead.

Died: Season 1, Episode From a Cradle to a Grave

6)Scandal: James Novak

James wasn’t a main character, but I enjoyed every scene he was in. He was funny, passionate, and really energetic. His death was one I saw coming, but it didn’t stop my heart from skipping a couple of beats.

Died: Season 3, Episode Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

7)How to Get Away with Murder: Rebecca Sutter

I was indifferent about Rebecca at first. She didn’t really make an impact on me, especially since she was super rude to Wes. But she grew on me, and I was kind of shocked she wouldn’t be in season 2!

Died: Season 1, Episode It’s All My Fault

8)The Walking Dead: Beth Greene

This one was probably the most hurtful. She had been on her way to be reunited with her sister, Maggie, and in just that moment we all feel like she’s made it. We let out our breathe, and then she’s shot dead. I am in awe at how the writer of The Walking Dead can make me feel so relieved and sad all in ten seconds. Beth was going somewhere, and there seemed to be something between her and Daryl. I think that promise of a future being shattered in a instant is what got me.

Died: Season 5, Episode Coda

9)Teen Wolf: Allison Argent

Her death was cheesy, and dramatic, but that’s the show! It doesn’t mean that it didn’t hurt less. I didn’t love Allison, but I did love what she represented: a strong female. Teen Wolf is full of them, and although sometimes the show can get cheesy, and questionable it never failed at showing the strength of all women in the show!

Died: Season 3, Episode Insatiable

10)Game of Thrones: Jon Snow

Of course, I have listened to my friend tell me what happens in the books, but this part he left out. So when Jon lied on the ground dying I was at a total loss for words. Death comes so easily in this show, and they’ve made it pretty clear even main characters aren’t safe from it. Although I did think he’d come back as a white walker since he seemed to be having interactions with them up to that point. He died, and then he rose again. #KnowsNothing #StillAlive

Died: Season 5, Episode Mother’s Mercy

Even rewatching some of these deaths, or “deaths” I still get the feels. T.T So if there are any deaths on this list that you felt strong feelings toward then comment below! Also tell me what ten deaths you will never get over, I’d love to read them!

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