“I Am A Female And I Am So Over Feminists”

“Beliefs are beliefs, and everyone is entitled to their opinion. I’m all about girl power, but in today’s world, it’s getting shoved down our throats. Relax feminists, we’re OK.” -Gina Davis, theodysseyonline.

If you haven’t read the article, I Am A Female And I Am So Over Feminists, check it out here!

You are right indeed Gina, everyone is entitled to their opinion even if it is an opinion full of privilege.  While dismissing the fact that feminism is in fact equality for both men AND women (a concept often lost within those criticizing the movement), you’ve conquered up an opinion that neglects to mention or acknowledge the struggles of women from the most marginalized groups in the United States. Did you forget about women of color? Did you forget about women of the working, and even lower class? Did you forget about trans women, and other women who identify with the LGBTQ community? Did you forget undocumented women? And of course what about our women of youth? Did you forget them too? Or were you too busy making this article that spoke to those upper middle class, white, cisgender, heterosexual women?

Before I begin giving all the reasons why this article is, and I quote you Gina, a load of bull. I want to address that I am in fact a feminist, and I’ve read articles, done my research, and have educated myself on the importance of feminism, and the importance of intersectionality. As a woman of color (who doesn’t get the same equal treatment as you do Gina), it bugs me that opinions like these are in the minds of those who should be well educated on what feminism is. Yes, there are radical feminists out there, and they may be the ones you are applying your article to. However, I doubt it since there’s no mention of radical feminists versus feminists who actually want equality between all men and women.

In your first paragraph talking about your inspiration for the article, I understand (and no it’s never weird to get inspiration from a man, who told you that?). Yes, tv shows are on television because of the ratings. And seeing how I wasn’t there in that classroom while this topic was being discussed (by the sounds of it neither were you), I highly doubt I can give a full explanation about it. From what I gather, your boyfriend felt attacked. And I suppose he’s never felt that way before. As a woman (of color, I might add), I feel attacked every time I open my mouth. Him being there for 45 minutes listening to women defend athletic women is hardly comparable. He too is stuck in his own privilege, and if you can’t see two sides to a story then that makes you single minded. Now I do agree that maybe those girls arguing didn’t understand the industry well, and were just debating on a topic they didn’t have much information about. I mean, I sure don’t, I don’t watch sports. However, when I do I’d much rather watch it in person than on TV. Some of those girls might’ve known exactly what they were talking about, and the guys in the class might’ve felt like the roles were reversed for a moment. That feeling of reversed roles scared them so they felt attacked for being men. I’m not saying that anyone should feel attacked, but perhaps there’s a reason why they did. Had they ever made someone else feel like their opinion didn’t matter? Karma has a great way of sneaking up on you.

In the next section, Gina, you state, “First of all, this is the 21st century. Women have never been more respected. Women have more rights in the United States than anywhere else in the world. As far as sports go, TV stations are going to air the sports that get the most ratings. On a realistic level, how many women are turning on Sports Center in the middle of the day? Not enough for TV stations to make money. It’s a business, not a boycott against female athletics.” 

Women have never been more respected.

Women have never been more respected?

I’m sorry, where’s the evidence of that? Because all I see in media, and society is all the disrespectful ways women are portrayed. Oh! Gina, you mean white women don’t you? You mean, upper class/upper middle class white women. *sips tea*

What ever happened to chivalry? It’s still here Gina. And who told you it’s old fashioned for men to do the dirty work, or pay for meals? You say, “Feminists claim that this is a sign of disrespect, yet when a man offers to pick up the check or help fix a flat tire (aka being a gentleman), they become offended.” Now I can’t speak for every feminist (obviously), but I’ve never felt disrespected when a man offers to pick up a check or help me fix a flat tire. Where are you getting your information from? Please show me where it says all feminists feel this way! I’d really like to know. There may be some feminists who feel this way, but just like you don’t mind allowing a man to pick up the check for you, why should she feel bad if she doesn’t want him to? In fact, I don’t mind if a man picks up the check (more  money for me). But guys if you’re okay with picking up the check EVERY single time give a holler, cause I’ll stop offering to go dutch.

Gina, you state next, “There is a distinct divide between both the mental and physical makeup of a male and female body. There is a reason for this. We are not equals. The male is made of more muscle mass, and the woman has a more efficient brain (I mean, I think that’s pretty freaking awesome). The male body is meant to endure more physically while the female is more delicate. So, quite frankly, at a certain point in life, there needs to be restrictions on integrating the two.” Then there’s an example about women complaining about not being able to do NFL, and you make a good point about a 220 pound male tackling a woman. (Although if that woman was also athletic, and trained to be an NFL player it is quite possible that she could handle getting tackled.)

Two things on the quote mentioned about. Yes Gina, I paid attention in science class I know that men, and women are not equals when it comes to a physical sense. You mention different things: muscle mass, and the brain. I’m well aware that women’s brains are more efficient than men’s, and that men have more muscle mass than we do. However, the female is not more delicate. We can push human beings out of our bodies, I’d say there’s nothing delicate about that. 😉 While yes it’d be quite absurd to let one woman join the NFL, there’s nothing absurd about creating a NFL for women, just like there’s a WNBA.

Side Note: As I write this article, those ideas about women that were installed in us at such a young age keep trying to break through my reformed education, but I fought it! *cheers*

Next in the article it is said, “Though there is still considered to be a glass ceiling for the working female, it’s being shattered by the perseverance and strong mentality of women everywhere. So, let’s stop blaming men and society about how we continue to “struggle” and praise the female gender for working hard to make a mark on today’s workforce. We’re doing a kick-ass job, let’s stop the complaining.” –Gina Davis

I like the beginning of the quote, the perseverance, and strong mentality of women are beginning to shatter the glass ceiling. But it keeps being rebuilt by people who don’t believe in the same things we feminists (who you’re so tired of) do. Yes Gina let’s praise women! But we aren’t going to stop complaining, and it is society’s fault (which include men, women, the undocumented, the LGBTQ, the middle, and lower class). No one changed the world by being quiet Gina. No one. And this quote honestly made a connection to that of the Black community, and how we are fighting for respect, and acknowledgement from a community who says, “get over it, racism is over” when in fact it’s not.

“I consider myself to be a very strong and independent female. But that doesn’t mean that I feel the need to put down the opposite gender for every problem I endure. Not everything is a man’s fault. Let’s be realistic ladies, just as much as they are boneheads from time to time, we have the tendency to be a real pain in the tush.” -Gina Davis

I agree that we shouldn’t be putting anyone down, no matter what their gender is. And I don’t think we should blame everything on men. (Honestly, do you even know what feminism is?) We aren’t saying everything is on the shoulders of men, and we aren’t saying women are the dominant gender (because there shouldn’t be a dominant gender). We are saying that in a society where we both live, we all should be taking action to ensure we are all receiving the same benefits despite one’s gender, color, sexual orientation, disability, religion, and so on. Feminism isn’t women versus men. It’s about women, and men being on the same level.

“It’s a lot of give and take. We don’t have to pretend we don’t need our men every once in a while. It’s OK to be vulnerable. Men and women are meant to complement one another—not to be equal or to over-power. The genders are meant to balance each other out. There’s nothing wrong with it.” -Gina Davis

This entire article is based on stereotypes, and single mindedness. No one said feminists don’t need their men. Do you think we just stay single? That we don’t want families? That we don’t want a man at all? Men, and women are meant to be equal, and not to overpower one another. Being vulnerable in a relationship is just what comes with a relationship. And in that aspect we expect our men to be vulnerable too. While we may expect some “old fashion” things, we do expect to be treated with respect, and as an equal. Personally, I don’t need a man to balance me out, I’m already balanced. But what I do want is a man who is a feminist (because yes Gina, men can be feminists too), then I know for sure we have the same views at heart, and that we are in fact equals.

Although you’re article is full of ignorance, I’m sure your heart is in the right place Gina. You just want people to stop shoving feminism down your throat. And I just want people to stop shoving their privilege down mine. Ultimately, we still have a long way to go when it comes to the equality of all women as you’ve made clear by only addressing white, cisgender, upper/ middle class, heterosexual women. But no worries Gina, I only hope the best for you. And I pray you get a little more educated on feminism.

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  1. I absolutely loved this article. I am so happy you wrote this. Keep writing like this. Keep edging out your own slice of life. Keep being you. And keep telling these White Chicks to check their damn privilege.

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