A Shade of Vampire series ***Review***

So I had read the summary of this story on goodreads, and was interested in reading it. Also it was somewhat popular, and so I thought I would try it out. Once reading the first book I was unconvinced that this story was anything special, but I decided to read the second book to give the plot the benefit of the doubt. However, my conclusion is that this series doesn’t seem to have the elements I need to interest me in reading on further. So below is a detailed review on what I thought about the love story between Sofia, Derek, and (shockingly) Ben.



In a Shade of Vampire it started off interesting. The author is a bit wordy, however she does a good job of making the narrator sound like a teenage girl. But I don’t think that the author could distinguish between the Derek, and Sofia’s POV very well. Often I found myself confused on who was speaking, because they sounded so similar. The author does more telling than showing throughout the novel. And Sofia’s friend Ben is missing, but she doesn’t seem to be as concerned about that as I think someone would be if their best friend were really missing.

In a Shade of Blood I think the story should’ve started with them already gone, and flashed back to them leaving. It just seemed unnecessary for the story, and made it kind of drag on. Ben seemed very easygoing, and would seem like the type to pretend nothing happened, which would’ve made the plot more interesting. I don’t think the author has a strong enough voice to handle three POVs. Derek, and Sofia were already intermixing. Also there is a point where the author is talking to the reader versus just telling the story. For example, it’s mentioned that Tanya, and Sofia are forgotten, but how are they forgotten if the narrator mentioned them? It might be that the story was in first person instead of third which makes this sound like telling.

Ben is too quick to accept the idea of vampirism. It’s not believable in my opinion. His story about being abused doesn’t seem to follow with his actions. Usually people who were abused or experienced a traumatizing event don’t want to speak about it much or at all. Sometimes not talking about it makes it go away. Due to his willingness to skip several stages of grief over how he was treated doesn’t seem believable to me. It seems to me that the author just wanted to skip to the good parts of her plot instead of allowing Ben as a character develop.

Derek’s narration isn’t as if he’s been asleep for 400 years. His dialect is inconsistent. There are a lot of things Derek shouldn’t know that he does. The author tried her best to incorporate some things he didn’t know, but it seems to me you would miss a lot being asleep so long. And all of a sudden Ben loved Sofia all along? Unbelievable. There’s nothing in their previous interactions to indicate those feelings. Also this turns this story into a twisted version of Twilight. The idea of time is also crazy and confusing in this story. Sofia trusts Vivienne easily even though they didn’t develop a relationship to indicate they were close. That idea is also unbelievable.

The series seems to have a good plot, but it also seems like a typical story about vampires with an inserted love triangle between two humans, and a vampire. Instead of allowing the reader to get to know the characters it’s almost like the author is just telling us who they are. I feel a disconnection to this story, and I probably won’t continue on reading the series. It wasn’t my cup of tea.

Rating: 2

If you’ve read this book then tell me about it in the comments below! How’d you like it? Do you feel the same way? Let me know!

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