REVIEW: Divergent Series *Spoiler Alert*

Around the beginning of Summer of this year I began the Divergent series. Yes, I know I’m late but I got there didn’t I? Better late than never huh?

Anyway, I completed Allegiant last night and I have one word to describe the series in it’s entirety: Compelling.


In Terms of Content Divergent is definitely the best. Veronica Roth does a good job at keeping you engaged throughout the story and I loved how there were so many mysteries wrapped in one throughout the series as a whole. Insurgent and Allegiant however, lacked spunk in the engaging department. I still wanted to know what happened so I continued to read on but I felt that the ending of Allegiant was definitely rushed. After hearing how awful the ending was for a lot of her readers I was curious to see if I would hate it as well. I don’t hate the ending, the ending is well fitted. However the process in which Tris dies is terrible and could’ve been executed a lot better. The main character dying is not the issue for me, in fact I applaud Veronica Roth for stepping out of the circle of happy ending and creating a sad one. Not every story should have a happy ending in my opinion. (Of course this brings up the argument about whether or not fiction should be so close to realistic lives and so on but that’s another topic) The issue for me is how her death is delivered. I had a feeling Tris would die in the end especially after all the hate the ending of Allegiant was getting. However, I didn’t expect it to be so emotionless. I don’t expect to bawl my eyes out but I do expect to get a sense of dread when Cara tells Tobias that she’s sorry about Tris. I expected to feel a little emotion when he was torn over his one true love leaving him instead I felt confused and maybe a little irritated by the lack of mood the words gave me. This of course is just my opinion.

As a whole the series is beautifully constructed. Roth created a world that could be our future and I think that possibility scares some of her readers and excites them all at once. Veronica definitely has a way with words and I’m shocked that some of her first works are so popular so quickly. There are phrases in the series that catch my attention but my favorite one is the phrase, “Be Brave”. It’s basically like a goodbye but it holds meaning I haven’t quite puzzled out yet. Out of all the words in the series how is it that “Be Brave” sticks?

Maybe when I read the series again in four years I’ll let you know.

Rating: 4

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‘Til Next Time.


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