Book Crush Wednesday

So I’ve been on goodreads searching for good books to fill up the empty spaces in the day and I find that I have yet to read a sequel to a book I read in high school. Ballad by Maggie Stiefvater.

Of course I decided that I will need to reread the first book again, Lament. Most know Miss Maggie because of The Raven Boys as it has become a popular choice among the many she has written. The first novel I read by her was Shiver. Personally I liked the Mercy Fall wolves the best and usually I never read about faeries. But the first book about the fair folk I ever read was indeed Lament.

Now that I’ve read The Mortal Instruments I see why the fair folk are portrayed as beautifully cruel and wickedly cunning creatures. I hadn’t realized that most faeries are (at least in the stories I’ve read). So if you haven’t read Lament, I encourage it because it is definitely my book crush of the week!

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    1. Really? I’ll look into the Scorpio Races! And I hope you enjoyed the Shiver series. I encourage Lament to anyone who likes reading about mysterious faerie folk! ^____^


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